Wednesday, April 2, 2008

RightScale - managing Amazon EC2 instances

I was recently reading some postings on High Scalability and came upon one discussing some cool new features in EC2. It also mentioned a company, RightScale, which has a product for automatically managing your EC2 instances, including automatically launching and killing them based on spikes in demand. The company also has a good EC2-related blog, which unfortunately seems not to have an available RSS feed (odd!).


  1. Hi, Matt!

    So far Amazon seems to be on its feet innovating and trying to hold the competition at bay while PaaS providers continue to leverage their EC2 and S3 infra.

    You might also want to check out for its Appspace currently supporting Java and Ruby on Rails.


  2. By the way, it appears that alain/friarminor works for It would have been nice to get that disclosure, but it still looks like an interesting platform.